Hi! My name is Jojo, pronouns she/they, and I live here in Las Vegas on Paiute land. I help people discover and embody freedom,self-love and courage through decolonial ego and shadow work through subconscious exploration.


You might be saying - what does that even mean?!? Great question! In essence, I help folks discover shame they didn't even know existed, and then provide them a safe space to feel it and set it free. 


We've been taught to think of shame as an obvious or intense sensation, but shame is with us a lot more than we think and is felt at all different levels. Shame is what stops us from speaking our truth, dancing freely, feeling lovable in relationships, and much more. It's basically the catalyst for perfectionism and hiding.


If you're feeling stuck, bleh, or in hiding, I am your go to person. Let's work together to live fully alive. I love what I do and it works! 


You can find out a bit more about me and what I offer here:


(Decolonial & ego shadow work)



Hey what's up, I'm Roberto. I help professionals in the creative space gain the confidence and clarity to be successful within their desired craft."

Whether you believe it or not we all have a creative bone within us that compels us to come alive. Many times this creative side lays dormant because of our fixed beliefs that "we are too old", "we don't have the time" or "it's not a responsible endeavor to pursue." Thus, we continue to deny ourselves the fulfilled life we so desire and are capable of. 


As your coach, I will guide you, the professional, through an action plan in creating a successful and fulfilled lifestyle by activating your creative passions. I do this by helping you acknowledge and define what your creative passions are, identify the emotional blocks that hold you back from activating those creative interests, and empower you to enact all the resources you have to make those creative passions a reality. Sign up now and see how I can support you on your journey. 



My name is Morgan and I am an Actor, VO Artist, Writer, and Coach. My personal practices are rooted in Mindfulness and I try to carry that through everything I do. I have a background in youth & adult dance education and production coordination for over a decade. I am an award winning actor trained in Method, Hagen, & Meisner techniques and specializing in Commercials & TV/Film. I studied Screenwriting at NYU and have written & produced numerous short films of my own with a feature film in development. I find that my diverse background gives me, as a coach, the mindset of a teacher, artist, and producer enabling me to look at my client's careers from every angle.  


I live to empower artists to pave their own path in this industry and to create work that comes from a place of personal joy and true expression. I offer one on one coaching tailored to each individual's needs in order to help artists and creatives realize their goals. We are all capable and worthy of our success.

  • Self Tape & Home Studio Setup

  • Audition Coaching

  • Branding & Portfolio Development 

  • Representation Pitch Prep

  • Project Realization Support


                    CHRISTIAN "NIKI" SALUDEZ
                                  LIFE COACH

What’s up everyone! My name is Niki and I’m honored to serve you as a life coach. I am a dancer, creative, and a very adventurous person! I love building community, being outdoors, listening to music, and learning language. Moving here to New York City to pursue my creative career has taught me many lessons about stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing change, creating boundaries, and beyond. I know how life can get! So when the roads start to get bumpy, I’m here to remind you to slow down, take a breath, and to bring your focus back to the present moment.  The work I specialize in:

  • Navigating negative mindsets and shifting them towards more accepting, supportive, loving mindsets.

  • Incorporating practices such as mindful breathing, body awareness exercises, and creative movement.

  • Helping create restorative and sacred self care routines and habits to support you.

Whether you need support through major transitions, guidance towards challenging negative mindsets, or feel stuck and have no idea where to begin, I am here to help you do the work to achieve your goals and arrive as yourself everyday as your truest, most authentic self. Whenever you’re ready, let’s do this - together!



Hi, my name is Alicia. My extensive sociology and community advocacy background heavily informs my coaching style. I value navigating emotions and relationship dynamics through a lens of generational family upbringing, society’s expectations and norms, and our internal perceptions of self. 

I create space for you to safely explore thoughts and emotions that might be difficult to discuss within your relationships. Together we’ll formulate creative exercises to uncover your specific needs and practical action plans that lead toward your goals. 


I’ve had the honor of leading group trainings and one-on-one sessions on topics ranging from:


  • Intimacy and romance

  • Workplace power dynamics

  • Social action and social inequality

  • Emotional empowerment and assertiveness

  • Clear communication


You can expect non-judgmental, compassionate, and proactive support from me as I guide you towards rewarding relationships - including the most important relationship of all - the one with yourself. 


I can’t wait to meet you!


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Nafi Almaroof MD is a holistic health coach, board certified family medicine physician, and former NPC figure body builder champion with over a decade of experience in the fitness and health and wellness industry. She is master coach of Fit Focus Finesse™️, a robust fitness brand that specializes in helping busy professionals and creatives achieve sustainable results and build healthy lifestyle routines.


She is also a health and wellness blogger and freelance writer who has been featured in publications such as Bustle and PopSugar. As a nationally traveled health educator and wellness retreat creator (Release Retreat), Nafi also possesses experience in complementary and integrative medicine, especially in the areas of mindfulness and meditation.


With her knowledge as a fitness expert, you will learn a comprehensive system that teaches the art of achieving your desired body aesthetic without sacrificing other important areas of your life. Nafi also prides herself in helping you develop the consistency, focus, discipline, and grace you need to remain holistically fit for a lifetime.