Well Organized Closet

In honor of #BreonnaTaylor, and the many black women who go unsupported, we created the event “Clearing Out My Closet: An Organizational Journey of Mental & Material Release”. However, we realized that being home for so long, many people are exhausted from zoom, google meet, and FaceTime gatherings.


We are now in the process of turning this into a Video Module Course, so you can do the work at your own pace. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to an organization centered around the empowerment and uplift of black women. We have a few in mind, but would love for you to suggest organizations as well!


As an image consultant, I’ve recognized that we don’t often correlate our wardrobe to our way of handling life. Together, we will explore the parallelism between the cluttering of our closets and the cluttering of our mind, body, spirit, and their necessary balance. Throughout the session we will also discuss the correlation between home/closet organization and life productivity and balance.


The VMC will include:

  • Closet reorganization and purging

  • Wardrobe signature must haves

  • Tips & tricks to begin redefining your style post-pandemic

  • Answers to FAQ to help with your personal fashion challenges

Click here to email us a request notice for when the program is officially on sale and let’s continue to fight for #JusticeForBreonna and justice for all!