Founder l Lead Coach

I have always possessed an undeniable passion to help others achieve their goals, and push past their perceived limits. From growing up in New York City, where I first began my artist dreams, to the flashing lights of Los Angeles: I knew a big part of my purpose in life was rooted in service.

With a Dual-Degree from The University of Maryland, and an Image Consulting Certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I have combined my real-world experiences with learned scholastic techniques.


This unique mix allows me to provide clients with an experience customized to their specific needs. As a leadership coach, I am grateful for not only the clients I get to work with daily but an opportunity to mentor other incredible coaches. Since 2011, I have been blessed to help an array of individuals, ranging from pre-teens to seniors, by way of private coaching, group workshops, image consulting, company seminars, and much more. I am a proud artist and intellectual, who loves working with clients not only to achieve goals, but to honor and project true individuality,  authenticity, and unstoppable ambition.


Executive Director l Affiliate Coach

Hello, hello! My name is Christian "Niki" Saludez, I am a Virginia native living it up in New York City, and I am grateful to serve you as the Executive Director here at Aurelia Michael Living. Combining my skills as a creative and language enthusiast with my passions for serving others and building community, I work alongside our team to make sure that the tools and guidance that can help you achieve your personal definition of success are accessible to you and to all peoples. Alongside working to help keep you on track, I'll be here to remind you to set down what you're doing once in a while and to take good care of yourself, so you can take good care of those around you. Once AML fam, always AML fam - so let's do this thing called life, together.